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SBC Construction - $3,000,000 Sole Source Contract with NAS Pensacola! 

Boscoe Contracting Group - Won their first $250,000 contract using the Proposal Writing Strategies learned at ESS Academy!

Jesus Villalobos - From Startup to $436,000 in his FIRST year! 

gTANGIBLE - $1.4 MILLION with the Navy in ONLY 4 months after using our Capture Management and Business Development Strategies! 

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Yes, I Want To Win Bigger Contracts

About The Founder

Danielle Jones

I founded my business, Exemplary Support Services, ESS Group Inc, and had great success as a Business Development Consultant for Government Contractors.

I’ve assisted numerous businesses to grow and DOUBLE their revenue solely from Government Contracts and propel them to Multi-Million Dollar profits!

I've created business development plans, capture management plans, Proposal Management, and marketing strategies to grow companies beyond their goals.

I pivoted ESS Group to provide services to the government as well through customized, state of the art Training programs. We also offer Program Management, Administrative Services, and other services directly to the government through contracts.

Now, my business is experiencing the SAME success as all the companies I’ve helped before. We currently hold contracts both Nationwide and Internationally.

I am now brining what you need for success in Government Contracting in two very simple forms: The Mentorship Program and The Ultimate Government Contractors Course. You will get the step-by-step break down of what you need to get started, be successful, and consistently grow your business by selling your products or services to the Government




Want to pivot & grow your business through government contracting?

Tried numerous resources to learn how to be successful in government contracting just to end up back at square one?

We understand government contracting can seem overwhelming at first, but we also know that it can be extremely lucrative.


Exclusive Offer!

Ultimate Beginners Guide Course

Enroll in this course if you do not have an established business or have a business with no government contracting experience.

This proven step-by-step guide will teach you how to set your company up the right way so you can start selling your products and services to the local, state, and federal government!


$699 (Limited Time Offer!)


Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding:

  • What is Government Contracting?
  • Getting your contracting business started the Right Way
  • How does government contracting fit with your business?
  • How to find the RIGHT Opportunities
  • How to expand opportunities through strategic partnerships
  • Resources and more


Yes, I Want To Win Bigger Contracts

Mentorship Program

(Limited Spacing Available)

  • Individual mentorship and advice from an experienced expert in government contracting AND small business strategy/leadership development ($16,000 VALUE)
  • Gain access to turnkey processes developed through years of trial and error ($8,000 VALUE)
  • Grow, pivot, and sustain your business during pandemics, recessions, and beyond with government contracting
  • Apply the knowledge to your business so you can continue to grow and produce desired results

We Are Here Where You Need Us!

  • LIVE VIRTUAL one-on-one mentorship
  • Includes UNLIMITED chat access to your mentor for up to 6 months
  • 15% Discount on  Courses
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Our Mentorship Program and Government Contracting Courses will have you on the Fast Track to Success!


Yes, I Want To Win Bigger Contracts

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